ATS K9 Bed Bug Service - Sid and Margaret Murray, Fonthill

Posted Jun 2nd, 2017 in Presentations, Events, News

Margaret and Sid Murray of A.T.S. K9 Detection Service from Fonthill spoke to the St. Catharines Business Club about their unique business service which provides highly trained dogs to detect Bed Bugs for both commercial and residential buildings e.g. medical centres, motels, hotels and retirements homes.  Clients are guaranteed discreet, confidential and safe bed bug inspections. Canine accuracy is over 90% and Technician accuracy is 30%. Sid and Margaret can be contacted at 905-892-4700, cell 905-988-8800 email: or visit on the web at  Sid and Margaret have 20 years experience training dogs for police, military and companies worldwide seeking canine detection services. 

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