Speaker Guidelines

Are you invited to speak for the St. Catharines Business Club? Not sure how things work at one of our meetings? Use the below listed guidelines to help you prepare your talk.

Presentation Guidelines

This is a loose recommendation for a success presentation to our club Members. The room will be full of dynamic professionals from numerous industries, so make sure your content is diverse and relatable. and, with our group, humour is always welcome!

Length: 10-15 min., allowing for questions

Proposed Agenda

1. Personal outline – briefly.

2. Your past history in business – briefly.

3. Function of your business.

4. Your qualifications and function in the business you represent.

5. Information, which you believe would be of interest to club members.

  1. What makes your business successful?
  2. What is unique to your business verses your competition.
  3. Any particular business skills you use or have developed.
  4. New products.
  5. Changes or expansion in your business.

6. Include visual aids or literature if possible.

7. How members of the club help you in your business?

8. How you can help them in theirs?

8. Do you have a business tip of the week for members?

AV Equipment

Do you require audio/visual elements for your talk? Our club is capable of providing a screen, projector and microphone for your speaking engagement.

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