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Our History 

The St. Catharines Business Club was founded in 1956 by a small group of business operators as a “networking group” long before the term became well known.


Founding Purpose

The main principle behind the Club was to meet weekly for lunch to share leads and information in order to assist in the growth and development of each member’s business.

The Club’s primary focus was on lead generation promoting business for and by the members.

Regular social events became an important ingredient in the Club’s adhesion fostering a special camaraderie and bond amongst the members.

The Original Vision Endures

In 1956, the St. Catharines Business Club was launched with 10 visionary entrepreneurs. Today the Club still gathers together for their weekly lunch meeting and proudly boasts a membership roster of over 60 members including 8 Honorary Lifetime Members.

Many members have held their exclusive business categories within the Club for 20 to over 30 years.

Our Honorary members take pride in even a longer fruitful history with the Club. Even second generation members, who have inherited the 'business bug' from a parent who became a member decades before, continue to hold membership and believe in the value The St. Catharines Business Club offers.


Building Successful Business Opportunities in St. Catharines


As an entity, The St.Catharines Business Club collectively provides employment for over 2500 people in the Niagara Region, in a variety of sectors including banking, construction, waste management, and leisure just to name a few.

Proudly Celebrating Our 60th Anniversary


For 60 years, the St. Catharines Business Club has been promoting business for and by the members, to build meaningful business relationships and increase the Club’s membership.


The St. Catharines Business Club is a group of like minded business people that get together to share ideas and network regularly. Through the many presentations and gatherings, I have learned so much as well as met some extraordinary people along the way, who are leaders in their fields. I look forward to the weekly meetings.

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