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The St. Catharines Business Club offers professional networking and valuable B2B collaboration for Niagara businesses.

Since 1956, the St. Catharines Business Club has been comprised of professionals from many Niagara industries and our membership model keeps it that way. We believe in the cultivation of a rich professional network that transcends industries and maintains a wide breadth of service offerings to maximize the opportunity of members doing business with each other.

The membership of the St. Catharines Business Club is diverse in service offering. We have service oriented businesses, business to business, manufacturing and more. Our meetings are full of conversation and perspective from numerous Niagara industries and you could be a part of the conversation.


Membership Fees

Fee includes Club membership and a 50% subsidy of the cost of the weekly luncheon. Also included is the cost of the annual media ad.

Application Fee: $25

Primary Member: $700 annual
Alternate Member: $50 annual

Member Activities & Benefits

During our weekly breakfast or lunch meetings, members share ideas, support, business strategies and sales leads. The goal is to help each of our members with both  professional development and business growth.

  • Networking

  • Member to Member Business Benefits

  • Lead Sharing & Generation

  • Business Education

  • Social Activities

Member Guidelines

  • Only one member per business category

  • Members are required to have been in business or with a business firm for a minimum of two years

  • Members are expected and encouraged to strive for 100% attendance. The minimum attendance requirement is 50%

  • Members who are not able to meet the attendance requirements are expected to have an alternate to attend in their absence

  • Members are expected to provide leads at each and every meeting

  • Members are encouraged to conduct business with fellow members in order to promote the network with members and the community